VueJS Talks Digest Q4 2017 — The latest recordings from VueJS meetups

The second VueJS digest is finally live here on MeetupFeed with all the recorded VueJS talks from the fourth quarter of 2017. The first VueJS digest has been quite popular—actually it has been the most popular digest of the last round, surpassing the number of viewers of both Angular and React digests. It will be interesting to see how it changed in 2018.

VueJS Talks Digest Q4 2017

What is MeetupFeed again?

I’m Tamas Abraham and MeetupFeed is my attempt to build the world’s largest organized dev talks database, the Netflix of the dev community with categorized recordings from meetups and conferences. The blog makes it easy to follow your global community, while the (beta) app enables browsing and searching talks painlessly—that’s why we started linking talks to the app instead of YouTube.  Please note, that the app is still very much in beta, but we are working hard on it with my good friends at CodingSans (a big thanks guys!). Feedbacks are very welcome in both email (tabraham at this domain) and on twitter.

In case you’d want to submit talks to MeetupFeed just drop the URLs in email (above) or tweet it to @meetupfeed and I’ll add it to the app and include it in the next digest.


VueNYC (New York, NY)

Introduction to Vuex

Mar Gabriel Tabilla (BOA)

This talk will be about when to use it, what are the concepts to understand how to implement it.

Scalable Component Styles

Justin Bennett (Scripps Networks Interactive)

Building scalable stylesheets can be a daunting task. Luckily Vue makes it easy. This talk will cover the different approaches to styling components, what the browser sees for each approach, and what to watch out for.

SSR With Vue

Justin Michaliga

A discussion about server side rendering (SSR) and how to use it with Vue. Will do a deep dive and create a small application with Nuxt.js, a SSR application framework.

Supercharging single file components

Justin Bennett (Scripps Networks Interactive)

Vue’s single file components support script, style, and template blocks. Did you know it can also support custom blocks? I’ll show you how to plug into vue-loader to add custom blocks for all the interesting usecases you never knew you had.

Vue.js: If Rails and React made a baby

Anton Revich

We will be discussing how i used Vue.js to recreate a 1 page app originally written in React. Will go over basic syntax of Vue.js and benefits and disadvantages of Vue.js compared to React.

jQuery to VueJs

Talvinder Bansal

Modern JavaScript frameworks can be overwhelming especially for those whose JavaScript world is heavily orientated around libraries like jQuery. In this talk I will go through what helped me make the mental transition from jQuery to Vue and show how the barriers to entry can be substantially lowered making modern JavaScript accessible to everyone.

Talv is a full stack PHP developer who has a strong focus on Laravel and VueJS. With 11 years of experience, driving multi-million pound products for industry leading businesses in the insurance sector. Talv is an avid learner, always looking to develop himself and upskill others. He combines solid technical competence with robust people management to drive successful outcomes to his projects.

VueJS Render Functions / Functional Components

Dan Aprahamian (MongoDB)

A brief overview of Vue.js’s render functions, functional components, and when you should ditch templates.

Dan is a NYC-based software engineer currently working at MongoDB. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his wife, eat amazing food, and play D&D.

Speed up development with WordPress Rest API & Vue.js

Ben Broide

A demonstration on how to use WordPress rest-api as a back-end to your vue-js web app leveraging powerful WordPress built-in features.

Ben has been developing CMS oriented websites in the last decade.

Even before, and at a very young age, Ben found himself curious about data processing and the flow of data in general.

EmpireConf (New York, NY)

Vue js in Practice: Hybridizing Objects and Functions

Betsy Haibel (Cohere)

Reactive data structures are intuitive and flexible. But they’re not always enough structure for complex client applications. How can we scale understandability? This talk presents three Vue.js techniques: partially applied utility functions, unmounted data-store components, and a hybrid technique that can give us the benefits of each. You’ll learn what each technique is good for — and where each can trip you up. Whether you use Vue or React or even JQuery day-to-day, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to leverage reactivity for understandability when understandability gets hard.


Chicago Vue.js (Chicago, IL)

Easy Vue.js Authentication with Auth0

Ryan Chenkie (Auth0)

Authentication for single page apps can be challenging. We need to protect client-side routes, send authentication information in XHR requests to our backend, handle redirections when users become logged out, and much more. Auth0 simplifies a lot of the details and allows us to add authentication to a Vue.js app in a snap. Let’s take a look at how it works!

Ryan Chenkie is a full-stack JavaScript developer and works mostly with Angular and Node. He’s a Google Developer Expert, Developer Advocate at Auth0, and also runs , a screencast site offering end-to-end Angular and JavaScript training. As a Developer Advocate at Auth0 and Google Developer Expert, Ryan educates developers and engineering teams around the world on authentication and identity topics. Whether it be through conference talks, screencasts, blogposts, or webinars, he’s dedicated to providing thorough guidance on how to add authentication to applications while ensuring that it’s done securely.

Migration to Rails Webpack for Vue.js

Kyle Reden & Marshall Shen

Recently Rails 5.1+ added support for Webpack, it sounds great for a greenfield project, but what about an existing Rails project (a brownfield project) that uses Rails asset pipeline quite extensively? In this talk, we will share how we are migrating our production Rails app from asset pipeline to Webpack, and the benefits we get from using Webpack.

Learn more in Kyle’s post on Medium:

Atlanta Vue.js Meetup (Atlanta, GA)

Styling and Modularization in Vue.JS

Sean Reid (TorchCodeLab)

VueJS makes it easy to create a shared UI library, bringing the power and flexibility of Web Components with a low overhead and small learning curve. Leveraging the Single File Component architecture allows a developer to easily localize HTML, CSS, and JS logic to a single component. This model helps prevent many of the struggles that most developers have when dealing with global styling, component namespacing, and the dreaded “div soup.” The end result is cleaner, leaner, and more performant code, while maintaining a unified style across a variety of applications and developers.

Sean Reid is a front-end developer who recently moved to the Atlanta area after working with various tech startups in Athens, GA. He is passionate about user experiences, and creating products that focus on user engagement. Over the last 10 years he’s developed applications with tools ranging from jQuery, Backbone, Angular, and most recently, VueJS. He is an instructor at The Creative Circus, where he teaches the intermediate and advanced web development courses, training students in the fundamentals of the Javascript. He currently works full time at Codesigned, building Javascript applications for the Microsoft Sharepoint platform, as well as contracting with Hearst Autos to develop their in house pattern library and style guide, using VueJS.

Denver Vue.js Meetup (Denver, CO)

Setting up a PWA using the Vue PWA template and VueFire

This will be an introduction to Progressive Web Apps with a code along in hopes of leaving everyone with a starter PWA.

Node.js Denver (Denver, CO)

Building Real World Serverless Apps with Node, Webtask, and Vue

Chris Sevilleja & Ado Kukic

Serverless applications are all the rage these days, but can they be used to build real world applications? Find out as we build an app that allows you to compare two items and let’s the community vote on which is best. In this talk we’ll cover building serverless applications with Node.js and Webtask. We are going to build, secure, and expose a Node.js API and hook it into a front-end client that we will build with Vue.js.

You will learn:

  • Why serverless is awesome
  • How to build an awesome front-end client with Vue.js
  • How to add dynamic functionality by building a serverless Express.js app with Webtask
  • The importance of security and how to implement JSON Web Token authentication and security for your users and API


London VueJS

Intoducing vue-test-utils

Edd Yerburgh (BBC)

Edd Yerburgh, Vue core team member and author of the official Vue test library vue-test-utils will be speaking about testing.

Quasar Play

Craig Morris (

Craig Morris, CTO-as-a-service and team-builder extraordinaire will be introducing Quasar Play, a component library that helps wrap your Vue apps into iOS / Android and Electron apps.

Reusable Admin Panel with Vue

Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds will be speaking about building a reusable admin panel with Vue.

Vue.js Based PWA for eCommerce

Artur Wala & Filip Rakowski

Artur Wala & Filip Rakowski will be visiting all the way from Wroclaw to present a Vue-based PWA that works 100% offline with any eCommerce CMS.


VueJS Meetup Amsterdam

Why we chose Vue.js

Gabor Till (Green8Group)

Experience talk

Modern Web Components API with VueJS

Mikhail Kuznetcov (ING)


Plone Conference Barcelona

Modern frontend development with VueJS

Tudor Barbu (Schibsted)

Browsing Hacker News or the #javascript hash tag on Twitter may leave one with the impression that there are only two options to build a Single Page Application: Angular and React. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses, with its own vocal community and the tech giant behind it. Each portraying the other side as the Sith.

Vue is the open source framework that brings a third alternative to the table, combining the strengths of both Angular and React while trying to weed out their weaknesses. The result is an easy to use, lightweight and versatile framework. In this talk we will explore Vue’s architecture, see how components interact among themselves, have a look at the event model and in the end, how to wrap everything together in a SPA using Webpack.


Vue.js Paris

Building Vue InstantSearch

Raymond Rutjes (Algolia)

Building a search engine is complex. Building an instant search / as you type search user interface … is not easy either. Algolia solves the first point by providing a hosted search engine as an API. The JavaScript Vue InstantSearch library solves the second point.In a 30 minutes talk, I will share with you some of the Vue features and patterns we leveraged to make the library as easy to use as possible.

Challenges with Vue.js for a full rewriting of an existing site

Cédric Nicolas (Finamatic)

We just release last week a completely rewritten version of our site, This took 6-8 months of development with a backend written in Typescript/Nodejs/MongoDB, will full rest APIs and front end with Vue.js and VuetifyjsWe want to share our experience with this, and we will present two challenges we had: 1) how to mix non vue.js static pages (home page), with vue.js components (login, registration)? 2) how to implement a collaborative real-time UI (Google Apps like..) in a complex dynamic form of various input types, with live comments, input updates reflections of each user on the UI and version management.

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