Vue conference and meetup videos from 2018 (Q1 digest)

This is the third post covering the latest events of the Vue community (Q3 2017, Q4 2017 and this is the Q1 2018 digest) but this is the first one featuring videos from Vue conferences: VueConf New Orleans and VueJS Amsterdam—and of course several super-exciting talks from Vue meetups across the world.

VueJS Talks 2018 Q1

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VueJS Talks Digest Q4 2017 — The latest recordings from VueJS meetups

The second VueJS digest is finally live here on MeetupFeed with all the recorded VueJS talks from the fourth quarter of 2017. The first VueJS digest has been quite popular—actually it has been the most popular digest of the last round, surpassing the number of viewers of both Angular and React digests. It will be interesting to see how it changed in 2018.

VueJS Talks Digest Q4 2017

What is MeetupFeed again?

I’m Tamas Abraham and MeetupFeed is my attempt to build the world’s largest organized dev talks database, the Netflix of the dev community with categorized recordings from meetups and conferences. The blog makes it easy to follow your global community, while the (beta) app enables browsing and searching talks painlessly—that’s why we started linking talks to the app instead of YouTube.  Please note, that the app is still very much in beta, but we are working hard on it with my good friends at CodingSans (a big thanks guys!). Feedbacks are very welcome in both email (tabraham at this domain) and on twitter.

In case you’d want to submit talks to MeetupFeed just drop the URLs in email (above) or tweet it to @meetupfeed and I’ll add it to the app and include it in the next digest.


VueNYC (New York, NY)

Introduction to Vuex

Mar Gabriel Tabilla (BOA)

This talk will be about when to use it, what are the concepts to understand how to implement it.

Scalable Component Styles

Justin Bennett (Scripps Networks Interactive)

Building scalable stylesheets can be a daunting task. Luckily Vue makes it easy. This talk will cover the different approaches to styling components, what the browser sees for each approach, and what to watch out for. Continue reading “VueJS Talks Digest Q4 2017 — The latest recordings from VueJS meetups”

All the recorded VueJS talks from the last three months — VueJS Talks Digest Q3 2017

After the successful reception of the first React digest we are expanding our coverage with the three most popular front-end JS libraries/frameworks: Angular, React and Vue. Kicking off the series with the VueJS Talks Digest Q3, a collection of 20 recorded talks from meetups and conferences during July, August and September (hence the Q3 title).

VueJS logo

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