What’s next for the MeetupFeed Project?

Right after the first digest post went live three weeks ago, the MeetupFeed project got green-lighted immediately. The post’s wildly successful reception had been beyond all the expectations and we are thankful for all the positive feedbacks and shares. So what’s next for the MeetupFeed project? Our goal is quite simple: we want to help local tech communities’ shared knowledge (ie. talks) to find its way to its wider global communities. In order to achieve that goal, we will be working hard on making following and discovering meetups and conferences a more seamless experience. Also we hope to make the global tech community more open and more connected on the way. You will see what we mean by this in the following weeks. Continue reading “What’s next for the MeetupFeed Project?”

Welcome to MeetupFeed


MeetupFeed Logo

In mid-October we are launching MeetupFeed, a new blog for developers. MeetupFeed makes following global tech scenes a seamless experience by creating quarterly curations of the latest recorded talks from meetups and conferences.

What is MeetupFeed?

A blog for developers that shares recorded talks from meetups and conferences in an organized, informative form. In the second half of October we are publishing the first React and Angular reports and our goal is to regularly cover over 50 tech topics by the end of the year. In every report you will find a handpicked [set] of talks from the latest quarter.

To ensure that a report features only valuable content in informative form, a lot of extra work goes into creating them besides collecting videos from a technology’s events from a given timeframe. We are sorting-out the non-English videos and those with low audio or video quality, searching for more info (descriptions, slides, GitHub repos etc.) and contacting speakers to make sure their talks are described accurately.

The result is a comprehensive report of a technology’s most recent events with dozens of talks, detailed descriptions and all the useful links at hand.

Why are we doing this?

Making global tech communities more open is a win-win for both speakers and users. Speakers can reach a wider audience with their talks and users can seamlessly follow their global community’s shared knowledge and experiences.

We believe that these talks are invaluable sources not just for learning but also for following and discovering global communities. Not to mention that presenting in front of a real audience is the best filter to avoid BS and empty self-promotions which is a priceless feature nowadays. :)


Stay tuned, we hope you are going to enjoy the upcoming reports!